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After migrating to CDI/Seam 3 I'm getting these messages in my server log:

WARN: Cannot attempt extension on null.

I saw a post in the Seam 3 forum (which is not accepting new posts at present) with some logging from org.jboss.seam.faces.environment.SeamApplicationWrapper which looks like it will help me diagnose the underlying cause of the messages. Can anyone tell me how to enable this logging level on a Glassfish server? I could see nothing in the Seam 3 FAQ to help me.


I'm using Glassfish 3.1, JSF 2.1.3, Weld 1.1.1 & Seam 3.

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I'm no expert, but have you tried adding the line


to your domain's logging.properties file? It's in the config directory of your domain (e.g. [glassfish-install-directory]/glassfish/domains/domain1/config/logging.properties).

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