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in my urls.py I need to invoke a generic CreateView that requires a success_url parameter. The "success" URL contains an identifier that I need to pass to the reverse() URL search function. I get this parameter from the URL of the CreateView. please see the code below. I need to grab the value of the <pk> parameter in the "create" url, and pass it on to the "success" url. how is this done?



PS: using django trunk

                               success_url=reverse_lazy('success', args=[???<pk>???]),
                               template_name='create.html'), name='create'),
    generic.TemplateView.as_view(template_name='success.html'), name='success'),

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This is explained in the documentation:

success_url may contain dictionary string formatting, which will be interpolated against the object's field attributes. For example, you could usesuccess_url="/polls/%(slug)s/" to redirect to a URL composed out of the slug field on a model.

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