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I decided to have a concerted effort to get the excellent DWScript (Delph Web Script DWS) integrated into a simple IDE using SynEdit. DWScript is currently being agressively developed and has a number of advantages over other Pascal Script libraries, however it does not contain an editor or any IDE example beyond a simple memo control to prove execution capability. It does contain a number of hooks for editor / debugger integration and in fact when DWS was reawakened a while ago, releases did contain an example of a SynEdit / DWS2 (as it was then) integration. An example can be found in the file dws2src20-20030907.zip in the \dws2rel\dwstools\idedialog\source where there is a 'mini-IDE' with editor window, call stack, breakpoint window etc. Really nice. I did get this working some months ago using an old SynEdit and the DWS2 that was included in this file.

So, I have now tried achieve this (or a similar) ide using the latest SynEdit (downloaded from SVN) and the latest DWScript (also from the SVN). Both libraries are installed fine into XE and their demos run fine. I then tried taking the ide example from the old "\dws2rel\dwstools\idedialog\source" and updating the code but much has changed. Frustratingly, not so much has changed that I gave up quickly - I tried searching for the various 'old' type definitions in old source and matching them up with 'new' definitions. Finally though, after several hours mired in code I decided that someone, somewhere must surely have been down this route?

Has anyone got an example of a DWScript - SynEdit integration using recent DWScript code please? I'm very happy with something simple that I can learn / build upon. Thanks

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SynEdit component has received little maintenance, and even some projects as Inno Setup have changed to Scintilla, Inno Setup is not using DWS but the code can serve you as a basis for new IDE

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Ok, thanks, I will take a look at the latest Innosetup source. –  Brian Frost Aug 8 '11 at 8:40
Yes, I also use Scintilla too for my live html5/css real-time editor: LIVEditor –  Edwin Yip Jan 21 '14 at 6:49

Dws have a editor on the demos with debuger and remote debuger just download all versions of dws one

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I should probably update this question. I have now created an IDE which you can find in the Trunk/Tools section of the DWS googlescript code dwscript.googlecode.com/svn. It is still very much beta but is designed to look 'Delphi-like'. There is documentation with it. –  Brian Frost Oct 6 '11 at 11:35

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