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There are different server specific JavaEE API implementations like: glassfish-javaee or jboss-javaee.
They are distributed as a separate .jar file and could be attached to some project using Maven dependencies.
Is there something like this desinged specifically for WebLogic AS?
I expected weblogic.jar file contains requered artifacts, but it doesn't look like this.
Any ideas?

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Ideally you would want to use the javaee-api dependency, not something that is server specific. For the things that are server-specific (not core EE API) then you could include weblogic.jar or use the utilities with WebLogic to create the WLFullClient.jar file.

Java EE 5:


Java EE 6:


More info here:

UPDATE: I would suggest reading this information about client JAR files:

You may also be interested in the WebLogic Maven Plugin. Here is a YouTube video describing how to use it:

...and the example project with Maven here:

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thank you for your reply. I used javaee-api dependency, but I included some EjbUnit tests which require not api, but some specific javaee implementation. So now I'm in a doubt, how to handle it. I added glassfish-javaee.jar and it works ok, but I guess it's better to find some WebLogic specific solution since I use it as an application server. – kardanov Aug 1 '11 at 14:05
Thank you, your update was helpful. – kardanov Aug 2 '11 at 14:45

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