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I'm trying to retrieve the localized day for a given timestamp. My code is something like this

String timestamp = "2011-08-01T15:55:03.000+02:00";
Time time = new Time();
// In strftime format "%a" should be the abbreviated weekday name
// according to the current locale.
String result = time.format("%a")

Since the 1st of Aug. 2011 is a Monday the result String should be "Mon" (assuming English locale), but instead it is "Sun"!

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Is it possible the parse3339 failed? Could you be seeing a 'zero'? Try setting the date ahead one and see if its 'mon'. –  ethrbunny Aug 1 '11 at 14:40

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time.normalize() must be called, otherwise the values for weekDay, yearDay, isDst and gmtoff will all be 0.

The correct code is:

String localizedDayOfWeek = time.format("%a")

Thanks to Femi, who put me on the right track by pointing out that in certain cases the time may be converted to UTC by time.parse3339().

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Thanks this just helped me. Everything was coming back Sunday. Now if i normalize after each date change it works –  Russ Wheeler Mar 28 at 16:10

You should check the return value: from the javadoc:

Returns true if the resulting time value is in UTC time.

If the parse returned a UTC time that falls on Sunday you might get this. Not sure how that would be possible given your example above, but I can't think of anything else that would do this.

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Do you really need to parse the given timestamp, or would you like to get date now? In the case of the latter, use:

Time time = new Time();
String result = time.format("%a");
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