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I have a web application deployed on heroku.
I just introduced Neo4j as data structure and, of course, I have to integrate it in production on heroku. I read on this link that the heroku addon for neo4j is currently on beta testing.
So have looked for alternative ways and I found this link: ... do you know if it's possible to include such integration on heroku without the addon ?

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If you are a registered beta tester on heroku you can already use the add-on for free.

Of course if you want to run the Neo4j REST server on your own aws ec2 instances you can do that easily (there are also preconfigured AMI's). Please make sure that your ec2 instances run in the aws us-east region as this is where heroku's machines are located too.

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Disclaimer: I'm of the founders of [GrapheneDB.] The add-on by Neo Technology has been discontinued but you can use the GrapheneDB Heroku add-on, which offers free and paid Neo4j instances, depending on your requirements. – albertoperdomo Feb 16 '15 at 21:13

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