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i want to show only the first 5 elements of a list and hide the remaining elements, when you click on a "more"-link, the remaning elements of the list must be shown...

it's a bit similar to jQuery toggle show/hide elements after certain number of matching elements but then in mootools (instead of jquery)

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A good solution could be a combination of CSS + Mootools


   height: 50px; /* must be the same height as the 5 elements */
   overflow: hidden;


$('moreLink').addEvent('click', function()
   $('menu').tween('height', [50, 200]);
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hey Tibor, this is not a good solution in my opinion... it should be based upon the amount of elements (not on the height of the container) - if one would change the number of required elements or change the font-size then you can start all over again with searching the height of the container... –  user757015 Aug 2 '11 at 7:26
You can use getCoordinates to determine the height of each element. I had to admit that this is only handy in some use cases. You can still loop through all list items and set display:none to the items with indexes larger than 4, then the "show all" link toggles all element back to display:block; something like: $$('#list li').each(function(item,i){...}) –  Tibor Szasz Aug 4 '11 at 15:09

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