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Recently I got interest in Google GWT. But the hello world apps seems to code on pure servlets without a front controller and url mapping to servlets in web.xml and things like that.

1.Is there any good open source project using GWT, whose code I can look at, to understand the best practices of using GWT? OR Any other resources which teaches how to use GWT beyond hello world apps?

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The Google GWT site actually does have a pretty thorough tutorial, going over layout, event handling, client-server communication, styling, and compiling/uploading –  ty1824 Aug 1 '11 at 15:26

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Here is simple showcase of basic features of GWT with source. Google Code hosts plenty GWT projects, mainly frameworks.

I would also see Google IO video session: Best Practices For Architecting Your GWT App and GWT examples

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Apache Hupa

Hupa is IMAP-based Webmail written in GWT.

You can get the source code here.

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I have learned a lot with this example Tutorial-Contacts.zip provided by Google itself. See the documentation here : Tutorial Contact documentation

I am working on a public library to build diagrams with GWT ! There is the library and a public project to render the demonstration. Here is the projet website : gwt-links website. You can also look at the demonstation code here : gwt-links demonstration to see how to create a real GWT project with the best pratices.

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