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Why does visual express 2008 not give me the option of system when typing std:: though I hear it is part of the <cstdlib>?

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@Kyle Joseph No idea why this happens, but I've noticed it too for almost all C standard headers that are wrapped by C++. It won't autocomplete the function name, but once you type it and open parenthesis, a popup appears showing the arguments and types. Seems like an Intellisense bug to me. – Praetorian Aug 1 '11 at 15:27
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It could be that system is defined in the toplevel namespace and only included into std by way of a using statement. That way it wouldn't actually be in the namespace std, but rather just be accessible through it.

There's just one toplevel or global namespace, ::. So ::global would be that function. If they'd implemented the function as

void system(...);
namespace std { using ::system; }

that would explain this behaviour. System signature may be wrong, didn't check it.

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Interesting this certainly sounds logical. What counts as a top-level namespace and do you mean that std is a part of one of these top-level namespaces? – UzumakiDev Aug 1 '11 at 15:44

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