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I want to check to see if my input is a float.

Sooo something like...

if (typeof (input) == "float")
do something....

What is the proper way to do this?

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Please see – betamax Aug 1 '11 at 15:25

Try parseFloat

if(!isNaN(parseFloat(input))) {
    //float goes here    
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what if I pass integer instead of float in input? – Shivek Parmar Mar 1 at 8:31

typeof foo === "number"

All numbers are floats in Javascript. Note that the type name is in quotes, it's a string, and it's all lower case. Also note that typeof is an operator, not a function, no need for parens (though they're harmless).

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As spraff said, you can check the type of an input with typeof. In this case

if (typeof input === "number") {
    // It's a number

JavaScript just has Number, not separate float and integer types. More about figuring out what things are in JavaScript: Say what?

If it may be something else (like a string) but you want to convert it to a number if possible, you can use either Number or parseFloat:

input = Number(input);
if (!isNaN(input)) {
    // It was already a number or we were able to convert it


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