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On a SQL Server 2008 database I want to give a user the rights to GRANT, REVOKE and DENY on objects only of type stored procedure (not using the db_securityadmin database role). How can i do this? Thanks!


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Wrap the GRANT/REVOKE/DENY via another stored proc that:

  • Has EXECUTE AS OWNER (or user if different schema) to avoid direct rights for the user
  • Checks the target object in a stored proc
  • Checks the user is allowed or a member of a certain role etc

Otherwise, there is no way to separate permissions per object type

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Yes, this would probably be cleaner than my rather hacky answer... :) –  mwigdahl Mar 29 '09 at 14:22

The easiest way would probably be to group the stored procedures into a separate schema and give the desired user CONTROL permission on that schema.

There may be other ways to accomplish what you want, but I'm not aware of them.

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