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I need a help on perl. I am new to it. I want to execute a perl script from my parent perl script and cover the following scenarios:

if (my child script takes more time than my time limit)
    I need to kill the child script with a return code 
    logged into my parent script log file

if (my child script failed to execute)
     I need to write a new RC to my parent script logfile 
     by looking at my child script exit status

Can any body provide code for this like how to use fork, exec and process related commands to fetch process id of children when my parent script gets executed?

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The perlipc (inter-process communication) man page would be a good place to start.

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perlipc is quite daunting for beginners. Unfortunately I don't have anything else to recommend. –  Zaid Aug 1 '11 at 16:39
forking is not really a beginner topic. But it is pretty straight forward, and the perlipc page isn't really that bad. –  Len Jaffe Aug 1 '11 at 19:58


fork() returns an in integer, undef if it fails.

You check the value of the integer

  1. if it is 0 then you're in the child, and you run your childish tasks.
  2. if it is not 0 then your in the parent, and you have the pid of the child, so you wait for it, or reap it as needed.

There's a good example of the skeleton of this kind of code in the perlipc document that davorg already mentioned.

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