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Bit of a weird one here.

We have a XAMPP set up and the server ran out of space due to a huge log file (now archived) when it did this is corrupted several of our MySQL tables, which we have now fixed. Thank God!

However the problem is a SOAP web service we have running on the server has stopped working since the server ran out of space and had a fit. I just seems to hang in the php code when it calls the wsdl. Does anyone know what might cause it to suddenly do this?

I was thinking when Apache ran out of space it might of corrupted some sort of SOAP config file or setting? I would love to just reinstall the XAMPP but I didn't set it up and I have a feeling there are quite a few settings hidden away in there that the previous developer changed.

Its odd I know but any suggestions would really help :-)

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It's also unlikely that files were corrupted because of a full disk. Have you done a file system check to verify this? What do your error logs say at about the time it hangs? also - are you sure MySQL's health is actually good, check it's logs as well, query logging if necessary & update your post. with the info. –  Sean Kimball Aug 1 '11 at 18:10
Thank you for your help. It was a problem opening the WSDL through http so I just changed it to access it through the local file system. No idea why it doesn't like it but its working for now so I'm happy! :-) –  jamie Aug 2 '11 at 11:59

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