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While I am sure that gcc libraries (.a) are incompatible with mingw lubraries (also .a), I want to know. Can I cross-compile a windows executable with mingw using the gcc .a library generated for unix systems?

In code form, keep in mind this is a unix system:

cd mylibrarydirectory/
make #produces mylibrary.a
cd ../myprogramdirectory/
gcc -o UnixExecutable mysrc.c -L../mylibrary.a
#and I  get a valid unix executable
i586-mingw32msvc-gcc -o Win32Executable.exe mysrc.c -L../mylibrary.a
#will I get a valid windows executable?
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No. You have to recompile the library for Windows.

The second command should give an "incompatible library format" or something error. Or at least undefined references to whatever is linked in.

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I thought so. The only reason I asked was because the library took a while to compile for unix, and I didn't want to recompile it for windows if it's compatible anyway. Thanks for responding! –  Keelx Aug 1 '11 at 16:26

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