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Is there a way to get Ie7 to expand on the error message “This program cannot display the webpage”?

I have turned off friendly error messages but this has not helped.

The background is that intermittently I get the error while using IE7 navigating to a around a particular a website. However I know the server has returned the web page with a 200 OK HTTP code as I can see this in fiddler. If I take the HTML code form the returned page out of fiddler and save it I can load it in IE with no issues.

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Are there any further files embedded the page -- scripts, styles, images, object-embeds -- which might be failing to load? –  Steve Gilham Oct 26 '09 at 7:10
No, it was all very odd in the end using https which oddly resolved the issues. At a guess I think it was a firewall problem but will never really know. –  John Oct 26 '09 at 8:35

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You could also try Fiddler

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I don't know how to debug in IE7 (I'm not a MS person). In case it helps, it sounds like you may be hitting a timing problem or interference with some antivirus software.

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You could try using HttpWatch. The free basic edition shows error codes that were raised within IE and it may help you to diagnose this problem.

DISCLAIMER: this answer was provided by Simtec Limited the makers of HttpWatch

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