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I trying out a small app for windows phone 7 that use Google tasks services, the problem is I'm not able to get pass to login.

I have read the all the steps given in documentation and following them according to the document I need to make use of web control to login.

Is there any way I can just expect username password and get the authentication token in background?

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You can use ClientLogin to do things in the background, but it is being replaced (slowly) and doesn't work with all Google accounts (two-step) so I would suggest you stick with oAuth2, it definitely works.

How I do it is open a WebBrowser control, making sure IsScriptEnabled="true" then point it at

The really important part is the redirect url. You then wire up a Navigating method for your WebBrowser control to intercept the redirect to that url.

<phone:WebBrowser Name="webbrowser" Navigating="webbrowser_Navigating" IsScriptEnabled="true" />  

private void webbrowser_Navigating(object sender, NavigatingEventArgs e) {
  if (e.Uri.Host.Equals("")) {
    e.Cancel = true;

This will give you back the querystring google redirects with which has the code=xxx that you then follow the rest of the docs and exchange it for a token that will last 30mins and a refresh token to keep the authentication active.

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This helped a lot... thanks a ton – Apoorva Oct 11 '12 at 8:48

Have a look at this post it is about a twitter client but twitter uses OAuth too.


I read more on this and it seems to be a problem because it is mandatory to use the webpage and have to user copy the access code to the app. It appears to be hard/impossible to scrape the Webbrowser I could not find any references to a real solution at the moment.

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I think you can scrap the webBrowser using webBrowser.SaveToString() method.

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You can actually scrape the browser URI by taking the e.Uri.ToString() and use the replace method to remove items not needed e.g. thestring.Replace("","");

Only issue I have is with the Access Token.

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