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I'm looking to make a application that shows something from a MySQL data base. They should go in Order according to which ever one is next. The user would set a time that the events should happen, along with a Name for it. Then, that information would go intoa a MySQL database and it will be shown along with the other events in the application. I plan on making this is either Java or Delphi. Any idea of which would be better for this kind of project? Anyone have a good tutorial for this?

Edit: I should have also stated this. The UI isn't anything fancy, but a box that states the next few events coming up, along with a Submit Event button that users can submit their own event into the database.

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Here are some tutorials on how to connect to MySQL from Delphi. Delphi has an advantage over Java in that it doesn't require any extra software (Java itself) to be installed on the clients machine. Other then that you should probably go with the one you are most comfortable with.

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If you want something quick (as in fast to develop) in Java you might check out this tutorial.

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Pretty sure the NetBeans IDE has a project template for database driven applications. Never used it myself but the NetBeans examples are usually quite good so might be worth checking out. Like Elie said I doubt it makes much difference if you use Java or Delphi. Use the one you are the most comfortable with and if you have no experience with Java. Obviously biased there :)

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If you're wondering about language choice, I'd say choose Delphi, for two reasons.

  1. As Lars mentioned, it doesn't have external dependencies.
  2. Database connectivity has always been one of Delphi's strongest points. Heck, it's where the name came from! They called it that so it would easily be associated in people's minds with Oracle, the most popular database system back when Delphi was brand new.
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Your description sounds like a basic UI front for a small database schema. Use whichever language you are more comfortable with. Once you've picked a language, a basic search for some ORM frameworks will give you some fairly straightforward ways to connect your database to the UI. Pretty much any book on Java or Delphi will have an example of how to do this.

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You should decide first which language to use, because they both have completly different ways to connect to a MySQL database. (Of course, on some layer they are basicly the same :) )

Even in Delphi only [Java only] there are multiple ways to read from a database. (ORM, plain JDCB, TDataSet, native MySQL library, ...)

Then you should ask two specific (=new) questions:

  1. How do I load data from a MySQL database using Java.
  2. How do I load data from a MySQL database using Delphi.
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