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I have an application where the user can type in a color name, say blue, once he/she has done that, a div will turn into that color.

The code is pretty simple at the moment:

<div class="colorBox" style="background-color: <%= %>;">

Is it possible to check whether or not that particular color exists? At the moment I can only think of one solution:

Loop through a list of color names, like this one, but isn't there a more elegant way? E.g

=> true

Also, I don't want the user to enter a color hex.

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The Color gem/Color::CSS is what you want:

Returns the RGB colour for name or nil if the name is not valid.

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This should work. Call if after the user sets the color;

function isColorValid(element, value) {
    return element && === val;

EDIT: jsFiddle

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Looked at your jsfiddle.. Very cool! – Jonah Katz Aug 1 '11 at 17:09

From your question, it appears that you would like to do check on the server itself. However, recognition of colors is a browser specific behavior and hence a round trip to browser would be required.

Following is a way. I would be interested in seeing if someone has something more elegant. We assume you are using jquery.

Put a 'test' div in your html. HTML:

<div id="test"></div>


function color_exists(color) {
    if (color == 'white') {
        return true;
    $('#test').css('backgroundColor', color);
    if ($('#test').css('backgroundColor') == color) {
        return true;
    } else {
        return false;

We rely on the fact that the browser would simply ignore a color value if it cannot recognize it.

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