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I am using Pyramid and I know that this is probably not the preferred way to do things but it would be really cool. I have a bunch of Python scripts which print to stdout. Now I want to run these scripts as part of a request/ response in Pyramid. I mean I want to capture the stdout of the scripts and write it to the template.

The capturing stdout part is pretty easy:

import sys
sys.stdout = tbd

As far as I can see render_to_response does not support any of this:

return render_to_response(’templates/’,
    {’foo’:1, ’bar’:2},

Any idea how I can get a write() operation on the template?

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I might use the subprocess module to capture the stdout of the script instead of importing it and running it directly:

import StringIO
output = StringIO.StringIO()
result ='python', '', stdout=output)
value = output.get_value()

string = render(’templates/’,
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You could pass a StringIO.StringIO object to stdout, then also pass it to the template via the context dictionary and just call StringIO.StringIO.getvalue() at the proper times in the template:

import sys

def my_view(request):
    old_stdout = sys.stdout
    new_stdout = StringIO.StringIO()
    sys.stdout = new_stdout

    # execute your scripts

    sys.stdout = old_stdout

    return render_to_response('template/', {'foo': 1, 'bar': 2, 'stdout': new_stdout},

and then in the template:

    <!-- stuff -->
    <!-- other stuff -->

You'll probably need to add a filter to make sure the text is formatted properly, or you might just create a subclass of StringIO.StringIO with an __html__ method that would render things as you see fit.

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works like a charm. Many thanks for that! – mark Aug 2 '11 at 19:35

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