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I've been successfully building AS3 projects that import FXG graphics using FlashBuilder 4 for web.

I'm now upgrading to FlashBuilder4.5 so I can build mobile apps but I'm getting an error when I try and using FXGs

The error is

The definition of base class SpriteVisualElement was not found. [Generated code (use -keep to save): Path: data\, Line: 6, Column: 27]

The line and column number don't seem to relate to anything I can understand...

Can anyone point me in the correct direction to solving this please?

thanks Kevin

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This is an error in generated code. If you go to your project properties, and go to Flex compiler, you can add the


option to the compilation. This will retain the generated code in the "generated" subfolder of your src folder. From there you can inspect the file. That's the best I can offer with the information you've given.

There's the potential this is a bug in the Flex compiler (MXML compiler) introduced in 4.5, or an incompatability with FXG (disclaimer: I've never used FXG)

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