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I use maven-antrun-plugin to generate sources from thrift IDL.

I have a separate project (and jar) to hold these generated sources and this plugin does not support wildcard replacement, so I cannot say *.thrift.

I use execution tasks to generate the sources and copy them to src directory. I have the following plugin defined

                            <mkdir dir="target/generated-sources" />
                            <exec executable="${thrift.executable}" failonerror="true">
                                <arg value="--gen" />
                                <arg value="java:beans" />
                                <arg value="-o" />
                                <arg value="target/generated-sources" />
                                <arg value="src/main/thrift/MyThriftResource.thrift" />

                                <fileset dir="src/main/java" includes="**/*" />
                            <copy todir="src/main/java">
                                <fileset dir="target/generated-sources/gen-javabean" />

Now If I want to use another thrift IDL, then I need to define one more execution for that particular file. I do not want to be doing this for every IDL added, I want to say pick all thrift files and generate sources. Is there a way to do it?

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Perhaps you could check if maven-thrift-plugin helps?

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