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How do I disable an HTML form submit button without it being greyed out?

The problem: I want to grey out an entire form, and having the submit button grey out before the rest of the form does looks silly.

$("#postform").submit(function() {
      //disable submit button
      $("#submitPF").attr("disabled", "disabled");
      //blur form
      $("#postform").animate({opacity: 0.4},250);
      $.post("/POST.php", $("#postform").serialize(),function() {
         //free submit button
         $("#postform").animate({opacity: 1},500);
      return false;
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possible duplicate of Override greyed out effect of element – Foreever Jan 23 '14 at 4:59
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You could just hijack the button

$("#submitPF").click(function(e) {
    return false;

Just a thought.

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you can style the disabled version with css.


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If all you need is for it to not be clickable you could always make a mask layer to go over it. Perhaps a white bg that fades from 0 opacity to 20% opacity. Any clicking on the submit button will not work because of the mask layer in front of it.

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