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I just upgraded a hosted control to .NET 2.0 and I had to enable the ComVisible to access methods from the client side using javascript.

Should events also be accessible once I enable ComVisible? I was handling my events like this before with no issues:

<OBJECT id="foo" ...></OBJECT>

<script language="javascript">
     //do stuff here

This won't work either:

<script language="javascript" for="foo" event="SampleEvent(res)">

For some reason I can't catch my events now. If I use my DLL in a WinForms project the event handles fine so I know I've set it all up properly.

How can I expose this to the client side properly?


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No ideas on this? – aleckz Apr 14 '09 at 14:42

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Just following up on this in case someone runs into it in the future. I had 2 mismatched data types in the user control which was causing the event not to fire properly.

Check your data types!

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