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I have following asm MIPS code:

80031DB8  bnez    $v0, loc_80031F58
80031DBC  move    $v0, $zero

as far as I understand "branch not equal zero" will never jump to loc_80031F58, because v0 = 0, is that right?

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No. At the time of comparison, $v0 has whatever value prior to execution of 80031DB8. After the comparison, when the delay slot executes and the jump is beginning to be taken, $v0 is written with the value 0.

Once the branch is either taken or not taken, $v0 has the value zero. That is, at the start of execution of either 80031F58 (when the branch is taken) or 80031DC0 (when the branch is not taken), $v0 will be 0, although if the branch is taken, it must have had a non-zero value previously.

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Thank you for awesome and fast answer. – Riz Aug 1 '11 at 20:19

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