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I'm trying to use JMeter to test our web application and I'd like to use an automated recording of tests but our UI is in flash/flex. Is there any way to get the proxy server to cooperate with the flash/flex? I do have control of both the client and server sides, though rewriting our application to redirect the flash/flex calls to another address isn't really an option. If there were an automated way...

I'm currently testing Windows client and server, but I also need to support testing on Linux client and server. If tests need to be created on one or the other and can be ported to both I could live with that.

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you use it in windows, linux, mac? –  revo Aug 1 '11 at 20:03
@revo: Windows or Linux. Added info to description. –  Jared Aug 1 '11 at 20:13

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I think it's not possible with JMeter. The JMeter proxy plays with http requests only and it's not "compatible" flash/flex application.

Otherwise, there is commercial tools like it I have never use it i cannot tell you if it's a good solution

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I think a solution to this may be to use a reverse proxy such as Charles. I haven't tried it yet, but found a post about doing this here: http://www.sujitnayak.com/?cat=9

I'm answering my own question, but please comment or post another answer if you have more information/experience or an alternative solution.

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