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For a lazy loaded tree using JsonRestStore and ForestModel, where would I set an additional query parameter to be included in expand requests? I have declared the additional parameters in the SMD, but I can only seem to use the default values set in the SMD instantiation, since expand events only pass the node id to the Service.js's "_executeMethod".

I've stepped through a bunch of times, but there is some magic that happens in a dojo._hitchArgs method in between the Service.js _executeMethod that makes the request and the JsonRest.js query(service, id, args) method. So basically how do I get my parameters in that args variable?

Thanks, -robbie

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For example, my implementation has two lazy loaded trees on a page, which hit the same service target. I need to pass a 'treeType' parameter along with the nodeId to get nodes for the correct tree from the service. If I declare this parameter and set a default in the SMD, all works well for one tree. But to get more than one tree on a page I need to create a separate service in the SMD for each, with a different serviceName, so that I can set a different default value... I'm sure there must be a better way. –  Robbie Aug 2 '11 at 18:45

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