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Can anybody please tell me how to query list.

Is this ok ?

$part1Achiveds = $this->Part2Achived->Part1Achived->ProComp->find('list',array('conditions='=>array('ProComp.id=Part2Achiveds.pro_comp_id')));
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Well, does it work? –  Juhana Aug 1 '11 at 20:35
You'll get an SQL error with that query, something along the line "unknown Part2Achiveds.pro_comp_id" –  Anh Pham Aug 1 '11 at 23:02

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Key => value is preferred over what your are doing:

$part1Achiveds = $this->Part2Achived->Part1Achived->ProComp->find('list',array(
        // Model.field => Model.field instead of Model.field = Model.field
        $this->ProComp->alias.'id' => $this->Part2Achived->alias.'.pro_comp_id'

You should also review your recursiveness and your associations. Since:


ProComp is 2 recursiveness-distances away from Part2Achived, so set recursive to 2 or use Containable.

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