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I've been using yEd Graph Editor for the past few days ( and I wonder how to create a tree that looks like that:

I basically need a tree that mixes horizontal and vertical orientation.

The HVTreeLayouter ( seems to be able to do the trick, but I cannot figure how it actually works. I tried to add custom properties to the node but it doesn't do it.

Any help or hint would be greatly appreciated.

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try: menu Layout / Tree (Alt+Shift+T) select Layout Style "Horizontal-Vertical" and on "Directed" tab: Child Placement policy: "All leaves on the same level"

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Thanks zmila, your answer isn't actually right but it got me into the right direction: I had to user the Treelike Layout, Layout Style "Directed", and on "Directed" tab: Child Placement Policy: "Leaves stacked right". Thanks again.

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