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Where can I find example charts for scrum development?

For example: Burn down or backlog charts.

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I always find the ScrumForTeamSystem process guidance as the place to go for reference for anything scrum like:


A sprint burndown chart when things are going as they should be will be a nice linear graph towards the zero:


And a product backlog should look like a nice clearly prioritized list of user stories delivered by your product owner on which you can give high level estimates and use as a basis for creating small development work items otherwise know as sprint backlog items:


Hope this helps.

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Mike Cohn has a good example of the burndown chart on his blog. I find his writing style succinct and concise.

In particular I like his alternate burndown chart, which tracks the work completed by the team on the positive y-axis and the new work added/re-scoped on the negative y-axis. By using the trends of the work completed and work added will give you a reasonable guesstimate of the project's end date.

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