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I have a redirect in Apache config like

Redirect temp /foo.xml

I am trying to add an Expire and m-cache headers for a CDN to this 302. This would be trivial in php, but I need to do this in Apache config files.

Normally this is done like this:

ExpiresActive On ExpiresDefault "access plus 10 minutes"

but this only seems to not work for 302 redirects. Any suggestions?

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Apache configuration? Via which programming language? – Ryan Graham Mar 27 '09 at 16:50
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Check out the mod_headers module for Apache.

Perhaps something like:

<Location /foo.xml>
   Redirect temp /foo.xml
   Header set ExpiresActive On
   Header set ExpiresDefault "access plus 10 minutes"
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Except, this doesn't actually work because the headers aren't added when a redirect is done. – Jakob Borg Aug 21 '10 at 9:38
not working in apache 2.2 – Thomasleveil May 12 '15 at 15:08
<Location /foo.xml>
   Redirect temp /foo.xml
   Header always set ExpiresActive On
   Header always set ExpiresDefault "access plus 10 minutes"

to get it working even with HTTP 302 responses (actually, with any HTTP response) ; without the keyword "always", the directive "Header set" works only with success responses, i.e. HTTP 2xx responses.

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