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There are rumors on the web that Adobe's Flex Builder 3 is incompatible with Mac OS X Lion. Is that true or can I upgrade to Lion and keep using Flex Builder 3?

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Flex Builder 3 is not compatible with Lion, nor are most later FlashBuilder releases. The most recent version of Flash Builder(4.5.1) has had a lot of work done by the Adobe team to fix those issues, and they have recently (July 27th) released an updated guidance on the remaining issues.


Adobe does not recommend updating to Lion for owners of the earlier products, as mentioned in the guidance.

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Did anyone try it out really? I'd bet there is nothing so special in Adobe's Eclipse customization for Flex Builder 3 that could prevent it from running on Lion. In the end it boils down to Java mostly which should still be compatible... Or do I miss something? – starbugs Aug 2 '11 at 6:57
Folks, I have just updated to Lion and it still seems to work. The only thing that appears to be defunct now is the adobe updater plugin (due to missing Rosetta). But I don't need that anyway. – starbugs Aug 2 '11 at 10:57
@Tobias: I do not already have Flex Builder 3 installed and I'm using Lion. The installer is a PPC app that requires Rosetta (which is no longer supported in Lion). I assume you already had Flex Builder 3 installed? Could you do a find in your Flex Builder 3 app directory so that I might try expanding the installer archive manually? – penfold Aug 17 '11 at 2:30
I can also confirm that Flex builder 3 does work on Lion. I upgraded my macbook pro that already had flex on it about a month ago everything seems to work fine. I just get a warning when I first launch the app "... can't open aum.flexbuilder.osx because PowerPC..." but I don't seem to have any issues running it. However I'm interested it hearing if you're able to install it directly to Lion (looking at getting a new mac soon). Could you post your findings? – Adam Sep 7 '11 at 23:46

I was able to install FB3 on OS X Lion. The problem is not the FB3, but the InstallAnywhere package. Here's how...

  1. I found another app that has a "JavaApplicationStub" that worked on Lion. I used Cinderella (http://cinderella.de/files/release/Cinderella2.zip).

  2. Find the app that works in the Finder. Right-click (Control-click) and choose "Show Package Contents". Go to the Contents/MacOS directory. Copy "JavaApplicationStub" to your Desktop.

  3. Copy the "FB3_Mac_Installer.app" from the dmg onto your Desktop.

  4. Right-click (Control-click) and choose "Show Package Contents" on "FB3_Mac_Installer". Go to the Contents/MacOS directory.

  5. Copy the "JavaApplicationStub" from the Desktop to the FB3_Mac_Installer.app/Contents/MacOS/ folder. Delete the executable named "FB3_Mac_Installer" and rename "JavaApplicationStub" to "FB3_Mac_Installer"

  6. Run the FB3_Mac_Installer.app on your Desktop.

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Worked perfectly. Thanks! – Adam Mar 10 '12 at 20:19

No, Flex Builder 3 is not compatible with Lion.

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