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I've got another question at chef deployment? that is perhaps a little too broad in scope. so i'll ask a more specific question here:

how do i deploy code changes with chef's Deploy Resource after the server has been set up. perhaps i'm just used to my current capistrano workflow ("git push && cap deploy") ... but the best i can tell is that after i commit my changes i'm supposed to ssh into the server and run "sudo chef-client"? something about that feels wrong. is there no cap equivalent, i.e. "chef deploy"?

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If you're using a Chef Server, you can use knife ssh to search for a subset of nodes to SSH to and run Chef Client.

% knife ssh "role:my_app" "sudo chef-client"

You can also run Chef Client on an interval as a daemon, or a cron job. You may be interested in the chef-client and application cookbooks by Opscode for these topics.

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what if I do not want every code commit to be deployed ? I'm running chef-client as a daemon , and I do not have ssh permissions into the client. I have access only the the chef-server. How about that case? – Emil Nov 10 '12 at 16:54
use the deploy_revision provider for the deploy resource. – jtimberman Nov 12 '12 at 15:24

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