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So I'm new to ROR and Heroku and need a little help. I've created an app and have deployed it; however, I'd like to clear out the database associated with it. Meaning I'd like to clear any users (and their attached data) that have been created thus far.

I've basically created several phony accounts to test out whether the database on the production site works, but now i'd like to clear this out, and start with a fresh database.

Is this possible without deleting the database entirely?

Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you very much for your time!

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You can use heroku pg:reset DATABASE command to reset the entire database. The command will simply drop and create the database.

You have to use heroku rake db:migrate to create the tables then.

Alternatively you can use rake db:reset command locally and then run heroku db:push to update the production db.

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on the cedar stack, you can also run any command directly via heroku run, so: heroku run rake db:reset – asymmetric Nov 2 '11 at 14:58
This answer is out of date for 2013. Please see my answer below. – CodeBiker Jul 17 '13 at 21:25
The command heroku db:push should be heroku pg:push – rockusbacchus Jun 16 '15 at 22:16

Login heroku through terminal and then run following command

heroku rake db:reset

Or heroku run rake db:reset

because first one is old one and second is latest

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The 2013 way to do this is:

Enter heroku pg:reset DATABASE in your console and then enter in your app name when prompted. This will drop the entire database -- tables, rows, columns, all of its data, everything.

Then, enter heroku run rake db:migrate. This will create the same table, rows, and columns, but without any object data.

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heroku pg:reset DATABASE --confirm {app-name}

heroku run rake db:migrate

heroku run rake db:seed
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Thank you this was helpful for me to get my DB reset and recreate easily. – Praveen George Nov 30 '15 at 10:30

The current way is:

heroku pg:reset DATABASE_URL --confirm <APP_NAME>
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The current Cedar stack's proper syntax for shared databases is:

heroku pg:reset SHARED_DATABASE my-database-name-1294

(Replace "my-database-name-1294" with whatever is before the in your URL)

It'll then ask you this:


 !    WARNING: Potentially Destructive Action
 !    This command will affect the app: my-database-name-1294
 !    To proceed, type "my-database-name-1294" or re-run this command with --confirm my-database-name-1294

Just retype "my-database-name-1294" there and it'll reset everything.

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To reset your database

run like bellow

heroku pg:reset SHARED_DATABASE --confirm APP_NAME

this works very well for my

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Yes, you can either use SQL methods to do it or perhaps just use the Rails Console to do it from the command line and call the @users.destroy_all method. This article explains how to use the console from Heroku.

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I'm curious... I'm currently on my mac (localhost). Am I correct in the following assumption: If I run rake db:reset (on my localhost/staging db), would it clear all the data without clearing the tables and schema? If so, would I then just push that database to heroku with the heroku db:push command? Would that work too? – slovak_100 Aug 2 '11 at 3:59
If you want to completely drop and recreate the db you could do: rake db:drop rake db:migrate – Turnkey Aug 2 '11 at 4:47
thank you very much for your help – slovak_100 Aug 2 '11 at 7:10

If you have two servers - production and staging, and you want to add the database from production to staging

heroku pg:reset DATABASE --remote staging
heroku pgbackups:restore DATABASE URL_OF_DATABASE --remote staging
heroku run rake db:migrate --remote staging

URL_TO_DATABASE - an aws or dropbox url for the dump.

This worked for me!

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