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How to have conditional statement within a spring configuration file

I have String bean (b) whose value depends on the value of a property (a). a is set dynamically based on environment it runs.

if (a)

How do i code this in spring config?

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As Ryan said SpEL can help. You should be able to do something like this in Spring xml:

<bean id="flag" class="java.lang.Boolean">
    <constructor-arg value="#{ systemProperties['system.propery.flag'] ?: false }" />

<bean id="bean" class="">
    <property name="property" value="#{ flag ? 'yes' : 'no' }"/>
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See Spring Expression Language for Spring 3+. Otherwise, you're probably stuck with writing a FactoryBean or something similar.

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For this purpose you can use JavaConfig which in Spring 3 was migrated into the core framework, see docs here. Though if you need it for implementation switching, you should in fact use a FactoryBean as Ryan mentioned, otherwise I think you could handle the conditions within your bean.

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Try this...It works.. Given Roll,Location,name is in property file and I am reading it above this line.

<bean id="Student" class="beans.Student"> <property name="name" value="#{ ${Roll}== 1 ? '${Location}' : '${name}' }"/> </bean>

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