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I have an action class for a Login page where I am setting a session attribute thus:

ActionContext context = ActionContext.getContext();
context.getSession().put(username, getUsername());

I am able to access the session attribute through the Action class thus:

System.out.println("Username from session: " + context.getSession().get(username).toString());

But when I try to access the same attribute through a subsequently displayed jsp, it does not display anything:

Welcome <s:property value="#session['username']" />

just displays:


Please help as to the correct syntax for retriving session attributes.

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You need quotes around username when you place the value of getUsername() in session. Otherwise, the session key is the value of username, not the literal string "username". –  Steven Benitez Aug 2 '11 at 15:29

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ActionContext.getContext().getSession().put("username", getUsername());

Get username at :

1) OtherAction


2) .jsp

<s:property value="#session['username']" />



Implementing SessionAware is more preferred.

See also :
1. How do we get access to the session
2. How do we get invalidate the session

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Implementing SessionAware is more preferred.

This certainly makes things easier. It allows you to manipulate the session in your struts action class as a map structure.

From the jsp page I generally access my session objects like the following:

<s:property value="%{#session.username}" />

or for complex objects in session, like a user object with name and password for instance:

<s:property value="%{#session.user.username}" />
<s:property value="%{#session.user.password}" />
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