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When attempting to print using the SSRS Viewer Web Part in SharePoint I get the following error.

An error occured during printing. (0x8007F303)

The settings we are using in this box (production) are exactly the same as the settings in testing where this works perfectly fine.

Anyone have any good ideas or faced this before?

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I found some ideas by Googling.

You can enable Client print logging by setting the follow reg key. Once enabled, you can look in your print users temporary (cd %temp%) directory and find a print log file. Windows

Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Reporting Services] "LogRSClientPrintInfo"=dword:00000001

You can send the log file to me and I can take a look to see if there is any extra information.

Maybe you should collect the log and send it to the forum.

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You may have a custom authentication in use for Reporting Services defined in your web.config. Check if that is the case, remove the custom authentication and try again.

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This may seem obvious, but have you checked that you have at least one valid printer installed and available?

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