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I'm trying to call a function declared with ExternalInterface in a Flash swf, using JavaScript. It worked once, but all of a sudden, it stopped working.

I have a debug version of the Flash Player, but no errors occur in Flash. Not even a "Security Sandbox Error" or something. The only error I get is the following error in JavaScript Error: Error in Actionscript. Use a try/catch block to find error.

I'm using AS3, exporting for Flash Player 10 and testing on Firefox 3/Safari 4, on a Mac.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Check out ExternalInterface.marshallExceptions. It should allow you to see more details about the error.

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Didn't catch my fish, but taught me how to fish. Good answer. –  evilpenguin Mar 31 '09 at 13:58

in your as

import flash.external.*;"return_me_some_value()");

and in your html

var super_var = 'something';

function return_me_some_value() {
  return super_var;
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  • Make sure the javascript and the SWF are on the same domains otherwise use a crossdomain.xml
  • Make sure you have added the allowScriptAccess parameter to the flash embed
  • If you run it locally you may (but don't think it will change anything) add the location to flash players trusted ones (in the security panel).
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Kinda tricky to help you solve something that 'worked once'. But using ExternalInterface is pretty straightforward -- here's what I do:

in AS3: something like

if (ExternalInterface.available) ExternalInterface.addCallback("search", jsSearch);
private function jsSearch(term:String):void 
    new Search(data);

in JS: something like

var term = $('input#search').val();
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