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Got a bit of an unusual problem - i'm sure i'm missing something really simple now! Have two tables in particular:

   <class name="Proposal" table="Proposal">
      <id name="Id" column="ProposalId">
         <generator class="identity" />

      <property name="QuotationNumber" column="QuotationNumber" access="nosetter.camelcase-underscore" />

      <set name="DataItems" table="ProposalData" inverse="true" cascade="save-update" access="nosetter.camelcase-underscore" lazy="true">
         <key column="ProposalId" />
         <one-to-many class="Fortron.Fastr.Domain.Proposal.ProposalData, Fortron.Fastr.Domain"/>


   <class name="ProposalData" table="ProposalData">
      <id name="Id" column="ProposalDataId">
         <generator class="identity" />
      <many-to-one name="Proposal" column="ProposalId" class="Fortron.Fastr.Domain.Proposal.Proposal, Fortron.Fastr.Domain" />


I think have a named query in my .HBM.XML file as below:

  FROM Proposal MSP
  JOIN FETCH MSP.DataItems Items

Unless i'm going nutes, given that the Proposal is a one-to-many with ProposalData, NH should load each of the Proposal objects, and the Data for each as a collection. Unfortunately, i'm ending up with duplicate results, as there are multiple ProposalData for each Proposal.

My understand is this should not be a problem. If ProposalData had a one-to-many with another table, then a Cartesian product would result and the above could be expected.

Am i incorrect? Can anyone shed any light?


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Ahhhhhhhhhhh! The Proposal is returning many results, as is the ProposalData for each Proposal, hence a cartesian product is produced, causing NH to load data as i am experiencing above. –  TheITGuy Aug 2 '11 at 5:51

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JOIN FETCH means that the items are joined and also used to fetch them. This leads to multiplication of the proposals. Note: the duplicates are still the same instances in memory.

Fix it by using the DistinctRootEntityTransformer or by avoiding join fetch.

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Hi Stefan - the FETCH essentially eagerly loads the ProposalData right? Is there a NH way to print the Proposals in this case without having to hit the database for each to retrieve each ProposalData? –  TheITGuy Aug 2 '11 at 5:54
Thanks. If i avoid JOIN FETCH however, i cannot retrieve the ProposalData items associated to Proposal though? (at least not eagerly?) –  TheITGuy Aug 2 '11 at 6:07
By default, they are loaded lazily. This is in most cases very useful. Use batch-size to avoid the N+1 problem. This doesn't have any side-effects (in contrast to join fetch) and is usually good enough. You could also initialize collections in the code (using an NH Utility class) but this just make the code harder to maintain. –  Stefan Steinegger Aug 2 '11 at 7:46

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