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I have a vocabulary which displays the terms in the hierarchies order like the following.

  • parent1

    • child1
    • child2
  • parent2
    • child1
  • parent3
  • parent4
    • child1
    • child2
    • child3

This displays in taxonomy manager.

I want to create a page on which I call a function and pass the vid and displays the taxonomy terms of that vocabulary in hierarchies order just like in taxonomy manager. I used the following code but it displays only the taxonomy terms not in a tree order.

$vid = 26;
$tree = taxonomy_get_tree($vid);
foreach($tree as $term) {
  $output =  l($term->name, taxonomy_term_path($term));
  if ($term->children) {
    $output .= theme('illogica_category_tree', $term->children);

print $output;

Any idea about this?

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taxonomy_get_tree() should return the terms in the correct order, but the array is flat rather than nested. See taxonomy_get_tree() for more information and some sample functions to get a nested array.

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I have checked that before posting here. I did not found any solution there. –  Ahmad Aug 4 '11 at 4:06
There is at least one satisfactory solution ATM. Check for example api.drupal.org/comment/52303#comment-52303 which runs in O(n) time. –  stuchl4n3k Mar 11 at 13:22

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