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I have setup a Cassandra cluster with two nodes recently. The replication factor is set to 2 and they both seem to be working well if both the nodes are turned on. Now how can I use hector in such a way so that it keeps working as far as atleast one node is up? As of now I have something like following.

CassandraHostConfigurator cassandraHostConfigurator = new CassandraHostConfigurator(
Cluster cluster = HFactory.getOrCreateCluster("structspeech",
Keyspace keyspace = HFactory.createKeyspace("structspeech", cluster);

Let's say if host xx.xx.13.22 goes down then I am getting the following message in my console and all my inserts are failing untill that node comes up.

Downed xx.xx.13.22(xx.xx.13.22):9160 host still appears to be down: Unable to open transport to xx.xx.13.22(xx.xx.13.22):9160 , Connection refused: connect

This is how my keyspace is defined

 update keyspace structspeech with placement_strategy = 
 and strategy_options =[{replication_factor:2}];

I am sure I am missing something very trivial, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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By default Hector uses a consistency level of Quorum so if one of your nodes is down this level cannot be satisfied.
When RF = 2 quorum means you need to read and write to both nodes, so if one of them is down you can't execute.
Here's a nice online tool that demonstrates NRW (N = replication factor, R = read consistency and W = write consistency)
To change the consistency level while writing/reading use, for example AllOneConsistencyLevelPolicy HFactory.createKeyspace(String, Cluster, ConsistencyLevelPolicy)

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The link is really helpful – Sap Aug 3 '11 at 8:28

What consistency level are you using when you insert? If you are writing at QUORUM or ALL, you need both nodes to be up to write with a replication factor of 2 (a quorum for 2 nodes is 2, that's why typical cassandra clusters use an odd number for replication factor)

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I am so new to this, can you please tell me how can I set it up and what is the ideal number for a cluster of two... – Sap Aug 2 '11 at 16:28
There are some notes here, . What consistency level depends on your use case, but a good starting point is a cluster of 3, with replication factor of 3, and read and write at QUORUM, this lets you survive a single node failure. – sbridges Aug 3 '11 at 1:05

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