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I need to to browse to JUST the first line but instead it just puts everything in

my code:

        WebBrowser1.Navigate("http://youtube.com/" + gathered.TextBox1.Text)

So like if textbox1 have these people





it will do youtube.com/joeaustinbobcody

and i only want it to do youtube.com/joe

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Use VB linefeed as a delimiter between the names, and then split the string into a string array. Then just use the first name:

Dim l() As String = gathered.TextBox1.Text.split(CChar(vbLf))
WebBrowser1.Navigate("http://youtube.com/" + l.First)
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Worked like a charm thanks –  Kassy Daniels Aug 2 '11 at 6:27

If I know what you want to do, I can help you with this:

WebBrowser1.Navigate("http://www.youtube.com" & "/" & TextBox1.Text)


WebBrowser1.Navigate("http://www.youtube.com/" & TextBox1.Text)
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