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I want to do a remote backup and get logwatch reports pulled from a client machine. All my SSH servers are set-up for password-less certificates on SSH login but without allowing a root login on SSH, so I can log in but with limited privs which makes mysql access rather impossible. A password-less SUDO and embedded passwords are not acceptable options.

1) Allow sudo over SSH (security concern!), create a user to do b/u's, but I don't know what priv to give the user for an scp remotely initiated (cp?). 2) Run a cron job on the server to create files in directories with proper ownerships so I can download the latest file. (MySQL dumps, tar files, logwatch reports. It sounds tedious but it looks like my best bet.

What do you guys think?

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I agree: option 1) is a poor choice.

Q: Why can't your cron job do a secure copy (for example, scp) of the backup over to your backup server?

ALSO: Have a look at the Amanda documentation: perhaps it might suggest another good alternative for your scenario:


For example, "amanda-auth" might be of interest to you:


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