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In bash I can write this:

ant debug && adb install -r bin/Rocher-debug.apk

But I have a similar windows batch file, and currently it does this:

ant debug
adb install -r bin/Rocher-debug.apk

So, if "ant debug" fails, it will still run "adb install," and that's not ideal. Do any of you guys know how to do an && equivalent in this situation?

I really have to sit down and properly learn windows scripting some day soon, since I'll be doing a lot of windows work in a few months. But for now a quick answer would be awesome :-)

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While you are learning Windows batch scripting, check out PowerShell too. –  aphoria Aug 2 '11 at 13:18

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In cmd.exe the && operator should work essentially the same way, provided your program returns error codes correctly.

ant debug && adb install -r bin/Rocher-debug.apk

Should work.

You can test this the following way:

ant debug
echo %errorlevel%

If this returns zero when it succeeded and non-zero otherwise, then you can use the exact same && that you use in bash.

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Check the ant debug success value in Windows ant debug; echo %errorlevel% and then use: if errorlevel <prev_value> adb install .... Most likely the success value will be 0.

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