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I'm trying to make a 2x2 grid, which fills up the entire window in an iPhone, with a table. Currently it looks like this:enter image description here

Note the squshed-uppy-ness of the right column, and the gap at the left.

I cant fix either.

Relevant css:

body { margin: 0; position: absolute; height: 100%; }

.full { position: absolute; left: 0px; top: 0px; width: 100%; height: 100%; background-color: white; }

table { border-width: 0px; border-spacing: 0px; border-style: hidden; border-color: gray; border-collapse: collapse; background-color: white; width: 100%; height: 100%; left: 0; top: 0px; margin: 0; padding: 0px; position: absolute; }

td { border-width: 1px; padding: 1px; border-style: solid; border-color: gray; background-color: white; width: 50%; height: 160px; }

and html:

<div id="helpView" class="full">
    <table id="help">

Any help appreciated

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try adding tr { width: 100%; padding: 0px; } – Sherif elKhatib Aug 2 '11 at 8:00
reduce width of the td as 48% – Mr.T.K Aug 2 '11 at 8:01
That didn't work... same as before (to both of you) – JJJollyjim Aug 2 '11 at 8:02
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Since your td has border set to 1px, it adds to the total width of what we are seeing, so you have to reduce the width of your td. See box model for reference:


or you can set the left of your table to -1 to adjust it to left:


it will work since the position is absolute.

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Dosen't seem to work. Could the problem be related to the fact that .full has the property: display: none; and is being faded in with JQuery? – JJJollyjim Aug 2 '11 at 8:08
Never ever link to w3schools. it's evil (most of the information there is WRONG and MISLEADING). – Madara Uchiha Aug 2 '11 at 8:09
Not the one I gave about box model, I think. – dpp Aug 2 '11 at 8:10
YAY! The -1 thing works! Thanks a lot. – JJJollyjim Aug 2 '11 at 8:12
There are plenty other sources. You should never send someone still learning to there. – Madara Uchiha Aug 2 '11 at 8:13

You've overcomplicated things.


You should write simple code, also, do't cram all of the CSS statements in one row, every time you do that, God kills a kitten!

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I had to cram all my css into 1 row because of a StackOverflow formatting issue, it is all nicely spread out in my code. – JJJollyjim Aug 2 '11 at 8:09
Alright, did you see the jsfiddle though? position: absolute; can and should be used, but you don't need to add the border on the TDs, add them as an attribute to the table and use border-collapse; – Madara Uchiha Aug 2 '11 at 8:14

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