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I am facing a problem of syncing two svn servers (one inside and one outside of the firewall). After googling around I found out that svn-git is probably the best alternative.

So the plan is to have an A (inside firewall) and B (outside in the DMZ) svn servers. Then to checkout some folders from A to a git repo then push the changes to B. Afterwards I pick the changes from B into a git and push the changes to A.

Everything has to be done from server A since A is not visible from B. It would be nice to have hooks, but I can just do it once a minute using cron, the load on servers is not high.

Have you got some advice? Can it work?


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I don't think git is an alternative at all, not to mention best, given that it can't represent many subversion concepts. I'd suggest SVK, which is decentralized version control tool built on top of subversion. Or if you just need mirror, svnsync might be enough (but I suspect it's not, since it's subversion't own tool and you probably know it when you considered git).

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svnsync seems to make just one way replication, but not two way. Can we use SVK just between server? So that developers may use their beloved svn tools? – Stasik Aug 2 '11 at 8:08
@user383834: Yes, you can access the repositories with arbitrary mix of subversion and svk. Svk is specifically designed to be freely interoperable with svn. – Jan Hudec Aug 2 '11 at 8:20

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