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How i can use unison to sync folders with the latest modification time of its file

Example :- folder_1/file.txt changed at 12:30 folder_2/file.txt changed at 12:35

i wanna execute ./unison to give me the following result :- update file with regards to latest modification time so that update file folder_1/file.txt to became the same file folder_2.file.txt

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You can't.

Unison works by comparing both files with their last synchronized version. If both have changed, and the end result is not identical, they are marked as a conflict. Although in that case a merge program can be invoked to resolve the conflict, the modification time plays no role at all in the whole process.

From the manual:

Note that whether a path is updated has nothing to do with its last modification time—Unison considers only the contents when determining whether an update has occurred. This means that touching a file without changing its contents will not be recognized as an update. A file can even be changed several times and then changed back to its original contents; as long as Unison is only run at the end of this process, no update will be recognized.

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What about with the merge option for *.txt files? I'm looking for a method to always favor the older for *.last files –  Marcos Mar 15 '12 at 8:37

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