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I am building chrome extension i need to detect the current loading tab id's from the current tab (which is not loading but selected tab). I tried events like onUpdated and onSelectionChanged these are giving correct results but if i use this things it will trigger for all the browser tabs. I dont want like that(if use these events i need to change lot of code) , So I want current loading tab id (which is not current tab) using chrome.tab methods

Please help me...


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Since it was not stated how often (or indeed when) this detection will be required the following should work whenever it's called but will not stay up-to-date by itself (e.g. once tabs have finished loading they may still exist in loadingTabIds);

// Will store loading tab identifiers
var loadingTabIds = [];
// Retrieve selected tab
chrome.tabs.getSelected(function (selectedTab) {
    // Retrieves all tabs
    chrome.tabs.getAllInWindow(function (tabs) {
        for (var i = 0; i < tabs.length; i++) {
            // Excludes selected and loaded tabs
            if (tabs[i].id !== selectedTab.id && tabs[id].status === 'loading') {
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