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So.... we have a much better tool kit of design advice these days....

Design patterns have been around for years Agile TDD/Refactoring processes have helped hone pragmatic OO skills Domain Driven Design offers great advice on understanding a problem space Polygot programming allows OO / functional / Dynamic allows appropriate ways of solving different kinds of problems Reflection / Aspects have allowed much simpler composability Frameworks have evolved slowly to be very powerful

Where's the edge of how to design software now? What's up and coming?

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please be specific. flame is not welcome. it's not a discussion board. –  aku Sep 16 '08 at 3:21
It is specific, I'm not asking for a discussion, I'm asking for specific things people know of that are emerging. –  Keith Nicholas Sep 16 '08 at 3:26

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In which direction? Different things are important to different people. For my money, though, it's object-capability design, as seen in E, Google Caja, Joe-E, and as described in this Google techtalk.

Basically, the object-capability model is about developing secure software via techniques derived from good object-oriented design, refined to provide security guarantees that are flexible and easy to reason about.

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Two underrated technologies, IMO. Very underrated. –  Thomas Owens Oct 21 '08 at 17:16

I think Composite Oriented Programming as implemented in Qi4J is interesting.

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I'm curious whether software factories will become mainstream? They have potential...

DSLs seem to be more and more popular.

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Sometimes I think that there are people that would rather talk about designing things as opposed to actually designing (and implementing!) things.

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