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  1. Since Apache 2.0 is now listed compatible with GPL V3, could I link with an Apache 2.0 licensed module (externalA2) in my project that is licensed under GPL V3 (myprojG3)?

  2. externalA2 code is compiled from source and linked with myprojG3; should externalA2's code be distributed under GPL V3 along with myprojG3's code?

  3. Should my modifications to externalA2 be open-sourced under GPLV3 or could those remain closed/proprietary?

Didn't get clarity from GPL faq or other semi-relevant answers on stackoverflow e.g. mixing licenses, multi-licensing, multiple...

IANAL/YANAL: Am I asking in the wrong forum? Developers here might ask me to consult a lawyer but pointers to precedence of this would be useful. Any pointers to existing famous projects that link code licensed under Apache V2.0 in a GPL V3 project would be final.

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  1. Yes. You can use Apache 2.0 code in a GPLv3 project, but not in lower GPL versions.

  2. external must keep all Apache 2.0 licensing information that is already in it, the license clearly states that the text should not be removed. There should be no reason to re-license it under GPLv3, but you can if you require it.

  3. You can chose whatever license you want for your modified version if it's your own work, however, you must license the modifications under a GPL-compatible license in order to link to it in your GPLv3 licensed work, so making your modifications proprietary is unsuitable.

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