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I have used JACOB to invoke COM method. But when I write a GUI with java Swing , it will be faield.The GUI has 5 buttons, when click one of them will run the below code:

logger.debug("enter tidyHtml!\n");
Variant tidyContent = new Variant(Variant.VariantByref|Variant.VariantString);
logger.debug("enter tidyHtml2222!\n");
String result = "";
logger.debug("invoke tidyHtml!\n");
Dispatch htmlToWord = new Dispatch("Founder.WordPlugin.HtmlToWord");
Variant ret = Dispatch.call(htmlToWord,"TidyHtml",new Variant(qstContent),
    logger.debug("invoke tidyHtml successfully!\n");
    return tidyContent.toString();

When constructing the Variant, the application will crash. It might be caused by Thread problem, if someone knows what's wrong, tell me.

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Are you doing the JACOB work in a separate thread? –  Perception Aug 2 '11 at 12:04
Define "crash". Does your code throw an exception? Does the JVM crash while executing native code? –  lhballoti Aug 2 '11 at 13:35

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